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About Us

An Essay by Jan Vels

1. How everything began

A long time ago, a naïve 19 year-old hobby photographer who predominantly occupied himself with landscape and macro photography met a pretty girl. She revealed to him that she had once allowed a friend take nude photos of her - privately, just for the fun of it. Naturally, our hobby photographer could not resist this offer and so he happily agreed to take his first nude photos of this girl, during a vacation on the beaches of Portugal. The girl was so naturalistic and unconstrained, that the suspicion arose she may perhaps harbour certain exhibitionistic tendencies.
During the vacation the two made a short rest at a parking lot by the sea, during which the girl wanted to take a brief swim. She undressed in the parking lot despite the presence of other holidaymakers in close proximity. Later she asked our hobby photographer to pour bottled water over her so that she could have a shower. "In front of all those people???" ...But he did not dare ask that. After the shower she towelled herself off and even lathered her entire body with moisturiser. That was when he pulled his camera out again and took several photos.

Well, that's how my first 'nude-in-public' photos were taken. And this entirely new experience probably was the beginning of my personal fixation, namely 'Nude-in-Public'. A further anecdote for this: When we later visited a tourist castle in Lisbon, she took the camera into her hand and asked to take nude photos of me in the castle - however there were some tourist groups around... To say no would have been cowardly. This event should remain unique since I am not an exhibitionist, so the event was never repeated. But at least now I can sympathise with the girls when they undress completely in the presence of other people for the first time.
Even after the relationship failed, I could not get these two things out of my head: First of all photographing naked girls, and secondly the burgeoning fixation for 'Nude-in-Public'. The latter was strengthened further when I later held a copy of the French Penthouse magazine in my hands in which some models were shown naked in Paris, among other places in the Latin quarter as models for a street artist. This fixation would, however, stay dormant in my subconscious for several years.
Nude photography has since been a hobby of mine, though at that time it was still without any commercial intent. In those years I mainly photographed only the girls that were my girlfriends at the time (privately, not in public). Only later did I begin asking my models to sign release contracts so that I could sell the photos.

2. The first attempts

Many years later the fixation that had lain dormant in the back of my head gradually pushed forward. In a discotheque I became acquainted with Alena M. and I asked her whether I could photograph her naked. She answered 'yes' quite spontaneously, but with the one condition of having her friend present, as she had never been naked in front of a camera before. It was spring, and so we selected an outdoor location at a riverbank. The photo series can be seen at www.euronudes1.com (Alena M., photos alena001-alena063). It was fairly quiet at the river, but occasionally there were a few pedestrians walking past. That was okay with me, but I didn't tell Alena, who would always hide herself. I was able to catch that in 2 photos: Nos. 062 and 063.
One month later I shot another set with Alena. I somehow felt the need to go to yet another half-public place ;-) I surely did not intend a "Nude-in-Public" set (At that time, I did not even know the term), and I probably would not have dared to ask Alena to do one. We selected a pier on the bank of the Vltava river in the middle of Prague. It was again fairly quiet; only occasionally did some boats float past on the river. This series is also on EuroNudes: alena071-099.
I wanted to take more photos that day, and so we searched for another location. However, I could not find any place nearby where we could shoot another set relatively undisturbed. After two hours of futile searching, we ended up somewhere in a bus parking lot, tired and annoyed by the unsuccessful quest. I said to Alena and her friend that it was pointless, and that we should drive home again. Alena's disappointment, however, caused me to make another desperate examination of the surrounding area, and a railway bridge over a heavily used road caught my eye. Finally it occurred to me: "What about up there on the bridge...?"
Surprisingly, both Alena and her friend reacted positively after a second's thought. I handed the video camera to her friend and so came to life what I like to call the first "genuine" NiP series. In hindsight, it was pure coincidence. The photos (alena108-134) can be seen at www.nude-in-public.com.
As soon as the pictures were developed I licensed the series to one of my large purchasers, a website, just to see what would happen. "Would anyone want to see that?" I asked myself. Three weeks later the answer came: The site had rarely received so many letters and inspired comments for a single photo series. I was asked if I could make more photos in this exhibitionistic style.
That made my decision clear. And a new photography style was born... "Nude-in-Public"

3. The formation of the website

I made the first "regular", that is, planned, NiP series again with Alena. These are the photos alena215-252 on www.nude-in-public.com. Compared with today's series this may appear quite soft, but at the time it seemed quite daring :) I asked Alena to write something nice for her audience and fans. Thus came the idea with the sign (Nos. 217-222), although the English left something to be desired.
The second regular series I made with Zuzana K. (see photos 'zuzan169-236'). I noticed that Zuzana clearly showed more exhibitionistic inclinations than Alena did. Although Alena enjoyed it, she was relatively shy. Zuzana, however, showed real enthusiasm. Several more series followed, which I licensed to all of my customers.
Finally one of my customers told me that the company Aphroditas Productions was interested in creating a website exclusively with photos of this style. There was no other website on the Internet that showed similar photos at this time. There were already various sites that were concerned with the subjects of exhibitionism, voyeurism and flashing, but these were first of all mainly stolen photos from various corners of the Internet, and secondly almost exclusively pictures which were either "only" outdoor or which showed girls only half-naked or hidden under coats. The direction taken by me, blunt nakedness, was practically non-existent. So I agreed to continue to shoot further series.
On September 24, 1998, the website www.nude-in-public.com (a.k.a. "NiP") went online with altogether about 200 photos of 6 different girls.

4. The pillars of NiP

NiP clearly stands out against usual websites not only in terms of its content but also by its layout. During the initial setup of NiP, the operators agreed on some guidelines aimed at "member friendliness". For example, we completely forewent pop-ups, and banner advertisements are only found on the first page. A simple design had been chosen to guide the members in as simple a way as possible to the target, without irritating diversions.
Likewise, as a principle, an open presentation method toward potential members was specified. On some other websites, one buys the proverbial "cat in the bag". On NiP, however, one finds in the freely accessible area:

  • An overview of all girls, with the exact number of existing photos in the Members area
  • An updates page which provides an exact overview of the last updates

    A message board was created in order to allow communication between members and the operators and photographers. Later came the suggestions board on which everyone could present ideas for new sets. And, after some time, a story board for text-based stories followed as the third board.
    A definition page was developed a few months after the formation of NiP. Some requests, which were expressed by the majority of the members at that time, were adopted. Quintessential among them were:
  • NiP shows pretty young girls; there are no naked men on this website
  • The photos show surroundings where nakedness is uncommon (i.e. no strip clubs or nudist beaches)
  • No half-hearted approaches: the girls are shown completely naked
  • NiP does not contain any hard core or sex photos.

    A guideline that has changed over the course of time is how "public" the shoot is. This was initially defined as "in publicly accessible places". Some series were done that were photographed, for example, on market squares, yet at a time when no people were around. In later series more and more coincidental spectators came into the background or even the foreground of the photos. Nowadays public, i.e., spectators, are common.

    Another interesting definition is connected with the term 'complete nakedness'. Probably the most hotly debated topic on the NiP message board is "shoes or barefoot?". If you look at some of the older series from the formation time you will find that at least a mixture of both kinds of styles was present. In the first months after the formation it became clear that a clear majority of approximately 75-85% of the members preferred the shoeless alternative. When the definition page was created, we therefore determined that the girls should be barefoot. Central to this decision was a comparison with other websites. It showed that the vast majority of erotic photos on the Internet, including the few existing NiP photos by other photographers, showed models with shoes or high heels. The NiP operators acted on the motto that the way to success is to go where the others have not...
    This "strict barefoot" basic rule has since been loosened a little. Some of the newer and future series contain either variations, or exclusively high heels. But the core emphasis of NiP remains unchanged: The girls are completely naked.

    We did not want girls that had been tempted by large pay into doing NiP photography. Instead we preferred those that reacted positively to the entire subject of NiP with a certain enjoyment of exhibitionism. At the same time, we regard it as a moral obligation to financially honour a release agreement. After all, it is the signature of the girls that makes it possible for us to use their photographs. It is briefly mentioned here that we therefore do not pay more for NiP series than for any other kind - this way the chaff automatically separates from the wheat ...
    Another moral guideline is the liberty of the naked body, in the same sense as celebrated by nudist societies. Interference or prosecution by public authorities has no place in this concept. I can hardly imagine why a society would arrest anyone for public nakedness or criticise a company for an advertisement containing an image of a bare breast. Yet one can legally buy deadly firearms in the same societies, and hundreds of murders are broadcast daily over the television channels. What went wrong here?
    One last word, regarding silicone: Artificial breasts do not fit into NiP. I believe that most members would probably agree here... nevertheless, two girls that have had their breast surgically augmented have already found their way into the NiP pages... but let's overlook that for now ;-)

    5. Stories, Bios, and the girls

    Two popular sets that were released in the early days of NiP were those of Andrea F. in the flea market and Katka B. in the city centre. Many members at that time considered the two girls to be probably equivalent in regards to their exhibitionism. Interestingly enough however, they weren't at all... Andrea F. was far more of a shy type. She had put on a certain air of indifference when she walked naked through the crowds, however after the set she told us that she had really felt very uneasy and intimidated. Katka B., however, was entirely different: she often had her clothes off long before we were ready with our cameras. Katka enjoyed being NiP to the fullest.
    Naturally, for the viewer, these differences are not always easily recognisable on the monitor screen. Therefore, the bios were soon introduced on NiP. These describe the girls with some characteristic data such as year of birth, measurements, languages spoken and their answers to some personal questions (preferences etc.), including how much of an exhibitionist she thinks she is.
    Occasionally we have some genuine lucky hits, for example Niki B.: when we met her we spontaneously drove away for NiP photographs. Now, anyone who knows that series in the centre of the tourist city can probably see what happened there. And it was Niki herself who, after a rather cosy beginning in a holiday house, later more or less insisted on going downtown ...
    Therefore, for nearly every series there is also a story that describes what happened before, during or after the shoot, as well as any other background information. Sometimes it is not much, but sometimes there are interesting details or funny occurrences to be told.

    A further outstanding feature of NiP is the authenticity of the bios and the stories. Generally speaking, all information in the bios and stories is true and genuine. If something should not be revealed - usually because the girl does not want it known - that section of the bio will not be filled in and/or the story simply does not mentions a certain incident.
    Exceptions really only consist of the following:

  • In a very few cases the first names of the girls are amended when desired; however this is the case with less than 10% of the girls.
  • Foreign purchases: so far only a very small percentage of series appearing on NiP were bought from external producers; with these we naturally cannot guarantee the authenticity of the stories and bios
  • And thirdly we cannot know for sure whether the girls always tell us the complete truth...

    Why this emphasis on authenticity? We could say anything, but how would a member know whether what we state and write is really true?
    Well, first let me reveal something of myself: Often enough I have found something on the Internet or read "reports" in magazines about girls that I knew. It was completely hair-raising what had been thought up there. Some websites or magazines present totally inexperienced girls - depending upon need - as "superstars of the erotic branch". At the same time, professional models of many years are dubbed as "first-timers in front of the camera". Waitresses all of a sudden become courageous lady doctors, or students are described as "man-devouring high-class molls". All of it was baloney, and it got on my nerves...
    Personally, I think a true history with only one special high point is more interesting than any imagined or fabricated story with three high points. Naturally that may be seen differently if one is only interested in fantasies...
    Of course, there are also some more practical reasons. Let's take a NiP story with the following core as an example: girl undresses, clothes stay behind, long drive to a discotheque, girl goes in, dances and chats, hours later she return to the starting point and dresses again. In the photo series it looks like this:
    Some photos when she undresses, 1 or 2 photos where one can see the clothes left behind, a few photos during the drive, some photos at the entrance to the disco, the main part of the series inside, later again a few when she leaves and a few more when she gets her clothes back and when she dresses again. Why should we make that authentic?
    Wouldn't it be much easier if in reality the clothes were taken along, if the girl always dresses again in between and if she is only naked for some photos? There are four practical reasons why we not do it that way:
    First of all are the many details. There are a lot of small details that could tell the attentive viewer that a series is posed. For example, a bracelet which sometimes is on, sometimes off. Or red lines on the skin from a bra that was just taken off. Or the clothes are placed somehow differently when they are picked up again.
    Secondly, there are always witnesses. A characteristic of NiP is that there are almost always witnesses for any remarkable thing; after all, there have to be people - the public - around. It is quite possible that one of the people present (for example, a visitor at a discotheque) later subscribes to NiP and sees what has become of the series in the disco. Sometimes we give the website address to the spectators ourselves. If we now state that the girl was naked in the discotheque for the whole time and this was in reality only the case for a few photos, then surely we would soon get a comment on the message board saying: "This is not true at all..."
    Therefore the iron rule applies here: the girls remain naked for such a story, even if the team takes a break for one hour and no-one touches the cameras...;-)
    Thirdly, everything is substantially easier if the girl does not have to pretend, if she knows that she really has no clothes nearby. Also, with the rather shy girls it spares us the annoying question of whether she could get dressed for a moment ;-)
    Fourthly, as a result of this we may get spontaneous unplanned opportunities for photographs, in particular the so-called 'daylife' photos. For example, should she suddenly become hungry during the drive, well, then we just have to stop at a snack bar... or perhaps the car needs gas? These kinds of photo opportunities would not happen if the girl was dressed while we drive. Because the girl and the team would be fixed on the discotheque, they probably would not go through the trouble of taking photos at a rest stop. However, if the girl is obligatorily naked anyway, then, naturally, one utilises the camera for such an opportunity.

    These are all plausible reasons, but so far I have not yet mentioned what is probably the best reason why we do everything authentically: We want to have fun with our work...;-)
    Another word about the modelling experiences of our girls: this is a colourful mixture, since we are not particularly focussed upon one particular type of girl. Some of our girls were total beginners - the first time naked in front of a camera; many others are amateur models with a little experience, and we also have some very well known professional erotic models. The occupations of the girls are also very mixed: schoolgirls, students, hairdressers, striptease dancers, professional models, secretaries, department managers, policewomen - we have had it all.
    Surprisingly, we have found that experience in front of the camera is not necessarily by any means helpful when it comes to NiP photos. At first I had expected that professional models or striptease dancers (those who regularly show their body in the nude) would be less shy about NiP. But some of the professional models or strippers whom we approached regarding NiP photos looked at me as if I had asked them to jump off a cliff. On the other hand, we had some girls who were showing themselves naked for the first time, who preferred to go NiP instead of posing in a studio... Nude photos and NiP are obviously two very different things.

    We also take care of video lovers. Many NiP sessions are taped with a video camera. Some of these sessions are available as video clips on our website. The NiP collection at the mid year of 2003 was already an impressive 29 videos, each approximately one-and-a-half hours long.

    6. Evolution of the subjects

    Within time some series proved to be extremely popular. This soon showed what had to be taken into consideration, and which main subjects were of particular interest.

    Being naked at a well-known public place. This subject was already part of NiP from the beginning, although often shot at times when not many people were around. Surely outstanding is the series with Helena on the Charles bridge in Prague, even if these photographs were taken in the early morning.

    Crowds with a naked girl amongst them turned out to be a popular subject, with the slogan, "the more people present, the better". Early example series for this style are Zuzana K. in the discotheque, and Andrea F. on the flea market. More series regarding this subject evolved later; top favourites so far are the two CSD Specials 2000 (Andrea F. + Kristyna) and 2001 (Sarka S. + Lenka K.). By the way, these series are technically extremely difficult to do, because within dense crowds of people, the girl is no longer recognisable. This is a problem for the photographer.

    Naked girls in a work environment was also an early favourite subject. Here above all, the series with Barbara B. on a construction site stands out the most. Locations for these subjects are, however, rather difficult to find.

    Naked girls in a sporting environment is also not easily done. An example of this kind is the series with Jana E. in the squash centre, or Andrea F.'s jogging in the park. Occasionally it was asked that the girls be seen performing sporting activities such as mountain hiking, white water rafting or bicycling. While this is not necessarily involving the public, since for example hiking tracks are sometimes quite deserted, more such series are still planned...

    Some series, in which the girl has a more intensive interaction or communication with attendees, soon turned out to be quite popular. Examples for this include Renata K. distributing flyers in a café, Martina H. and Andrea F. in the discotheque, and of course the CSD Specials.

    In the initial phase of NiP we were forced to shoot photos during the cold wintertime. The snow series with Jirina D. were the first of these. Winter photographs also proved to be very popular, but they were problematic, since they do not fit completely into the NiP theme. Beautiful snow photographs in clean white fields can only be taken where there are no people running around. A few series with this emphasis were created (meaning with snow rather than the public). Later we shifted this non-public subject to our sister-site, Nude-in-Russia (NIR), and this is no longer a main subject at NiP.

    Some members showed an active interest in the "initiation series" of the girls, where they dared to go NiP for the first time. In many cases these series are relatively low-key (i.e. few spectators), yet they are sometimes able to show quite well the initial shyness of some of the girls. Due to the popularity of such warm-ups, these are another main subject at NiP, for our new girls.

    The first NiP series were always of a short duration, or altogether of a long duration but with the girls usually naked for only a short time and then immediately dressed again. The series with Renata K. developed rather spontaneously, when she undressed on a bridge, and from there walked around naked for approximately two hours. Thus the subject of "long-term nudity" was born: the girls should be naked for as long as possible, and if possible, without interruption.
    Strictly speaking however, Renata's series was not the first in this vein. Some time beforehand, Silke P. had walked naked through a forest for an extended period of time.
    Further attempts at this subject followed, for example the Caribbean vacation with Eszter M. She was naked at almost any opportunity during the vacation, but unfortunately not continuously, because at that time we did not dare to go naked into bars or any such places.

    The idea was introduced on the message board, that the girls should be prevented from accessing any of their clothes, nor any spare clothes, so that they would have no possibility to cover up. We call this subject, "No Lifeline" (thanks to "Bruno" for this term).
    The first series of this kind were Eva V.'s walk in the park and Katka V.'s excursion with a car to the Pizzeria. The series where Gyöngyi J.'s clothes were stolen when she was swimming should also be mentioned here.
    A further enhancement of this idea was, of course, a combination of "Long term nudity" and "No Lifeline". But such a subject is extremely difficult to realise, and up to the time of this report I can think of only four extreme series that would live up to these requirements:

  • Veronika B.'s visit at a party, duration altogether 10 hours
  • Sarka S. and Lenka K. at the CSD 2001, duration one and a half days
  • Jana E. after the game of squash, duration one and a half days
  • Aniko K.'s visit to Prague, duration six days
    Lucie K.'s 6-day camping trip was planned in such a way, but then we had to get her something to cover up because of the Love Parade. Although you can't really call them "clothes", look for yourself at the corresponding series ;-)
    It should be mentioned here that the subject of "No Lifeline" creates problems of a completely different nature: the helpfulness of the passers-by, who are only too glad to lend their coat to the poor naked girl. If you look at it, NiP and "No Lifeline" are in a way contradictory. For a completely "No Lifeline" set we would have to abandon the girl on a deserted island...

    As a variation of "No Lifeline", we introduced series where the clothes were simply destroyed instead of being left behind.
    Examples of this are:
  • Szilvia K., who was burning her dresses
  • Katrin R. and Nicole H. at the pool game with scissors
  • The first NiP party, where members were allowed to use scissors

    This is what we describe as designated photos showing the normal daily routine of the girls, without including the public. "Daylife" is actually not a main subject of NiP, but more the result of "Long Term Nudity" and "No Lifeline". These kind of photos only complete the series (as the salt in the soup) and above all to supplement and support the subject, "Long Term Nudity".
    Especially in the series of long duration are there many of these "Daylife" pics, such as Aniko in Prague or Lucie on the camping trip. The first pictures of this kind were made on the big trip to the Caribbean with Zuzana M., Andrea N. and Veronika B., who were predominantly naked for weeks at a time on this trip; again a clear increase from Eszter's trip to the Caribbean.
    Because of the missing public element, these pictures were not counted as updates, and thus were always understood as being "Bonus Pics", which usually lead to extensive updates with many photos.

    "DARING" or "PINK"
    How generous are NiP photos allowed to be in their nudity?
    At first we experimented a little and showed some more generous photos, even if only a few of them were really in public. See for example the series with Andrea F. in the park and Barbara B. on the lawn at the side of the road.
    The line that we pursue now is that NiP has very little to do with generous display. The more generous photos might rather be seen in the Daylife Pics, in bondage series or in other special series. Or in some funny situations where the girls encourage us themselves, for example Andrea's shaving of her pubic hair in the Caribbean: "I am going to shave myself now. If you want to take photos of that, you'll have to get in the water with the camera, hehe."

    Bondage and NiP? Rather a small subject, yet nevertheless one that is occasionally delightful. Our first attempts in this regard came to life with Petra C, who was tied to a bondage cross at the erotic fair. Then there was nothing for a long time, until finally Sarka S. and later Viki G. were tied. At the time, there was a considerable debate on the board about the pros and cons of these series, although these were not our first bondage series at all. And probably not the last one either.

    NiP also has Show Events, for example the special with Petra C and Andrea F. at the erotic fair, or Judit and Lenka supporting the fire artist. This is, however, a less-used subject, since an organized show event does not really fit into the usual NiP style. It can nevertheless be categorised as being quite NiP.

    A big problem with NiP shoots is the visible presence of photo- and video-graphers. These are necessary, since otherwise the photos and videos of NiP would not exist at all, however this is again and again annoying. Passers-by and spectators usually react differently as soon as they notice that professional photographs are being made. Suddenly the unusual element of the situation is lessened, as everyone realises that the reason behind all of this is a photo shoot. The use of a hidden camera ("hidden cam") makes sense here. Only recently have we started with series of this style.
    However, to work with a hidden camera is by no means easy, since there are rarely reasonable hiding places available, or else the photographer has only a limited viewing angle. For NiP, spontaneity is often important, the girl must be able to move freely, and a hidden camera limits this freedom of movement too much.
    As a variation of the "hidden cam" we came up with the idea of the "casual cam". The first series of this kind was done with Lenka K. in Croatia. With this variant, the NiP team acts as if they are just coincidental passers-by or harmless tourists. For this purpose, we got ourselves rather small, inconspicuous cameras that look more like typical tourist compact cameras, instead of our usual flashy mirror reflex cameras. A connection between the girl and the photographers is thus not recognisable for strangers. Ideal for this are, naturally, scenes such as festivals or tourist attractions, since every second person there has a camera anyway. This way, the photographers of the NiP team do not attract any special attention... afterwards, however, we have many tourists who have caught nude photos of our girl with their camera ;-)
    "Casual cam" has one major disadvantage: we often miss the beginning of the series, because as "coincidental passer-by" you only use the camera when there is already something to look at...

    These are photographs where the girl wears nothing below the belt, however she is dressed above. For example, she wears only a T-shirt and nothing else. We would not really have expected this subject to fall under the NiP flag, since NiP originally defined itself as complete nakedness. In the meantime, however, it was established as a further borderline subject in the NiP area.

    We call it a "photo story" when we at least partially stage a scene. The main participants are instructed to play certain roles. Be aware that usually only the main participants are instructed for these series, whereas, as is usually the case with NiP, other coincidental attendants have no idea what is going on.
    A typical example of such a photo story is the first series with Jana U. in the bar. As main participants, we had Jana of course, as well as her "friend" Pavla, the bar owner, and a "guest". These four main participants played an act, however the other guests knew nothing about it...
    Actually, there was already another photo story before that one, namely Gyöngyi J. who had her clothes stolen. Here, of course, Gyöngyi and the "thief" knew beforehand what had to be done. The rest, however, was left to chance, as Gyöngyi really had to find her way back without her clothes on. An idea that is being planned but has not yet been realised, is a fully staged photo story with many actors, in which there is only one single person who would NOT know that it's all staged ... the girl ;)

    The core motive for this subject is unintentional NiP, resulting in nakedness through clumsiness, coincidence, a lost bet or other circumstances beyond the girl's control. The intention here is not the usual exhibitionistic presentation, but instead showing an insecure girl who is extremely embarrassed about her inadvertent nakedness.
    This subject lies a little outside of the main direction of NiP, because of its rather malicious or mean nature, even if it may be understood as just being a joke. With series of this nature, the girl naturally acts out the situation. It is not genuine - she already knows beforehand what will happen.
    Some examples of such a series are:
  • Gyöngyi J., when her clothes were stolen
  • Lenka K., who gets her towel ripped off
    Somewhat related to this subject, also, are the Bondage series.

    "NiP GAMES"
    The so-called "NiP games" developed as a compromise: how do you get the "embarrassed" subject into a funny format, while keeping it authentic - with girls who really do not want to be NiP?
    The solution: take three girls for a strip game, which is played until one of them is completely naked. All three get the same fee, independent of the outcome of the game. The odds of only a 33% chance of losing greatly helps to convince some girls to participate in this game, who otherwise would not dare! The desired effect occurs: finally one of them must expose herself, and she is then usually genuinely embarrassed.
    The NiP games have their own dedicated section under "Specials". It is interesting, though, that the loser of the first game, Eva, unexpectedly found enjoyment in NiP and made further series later. Occasional we find requests on the board that the games be played until two or even all girls are naked. That would be an idea for the regular NiP series, however, these would then no longer be found in the special section of the NiP games. With odds of 50% or more to lose, we would no longer be able to convince girls who would never normally do such a thing, to go NiP. In addition, the intention of exposing a girl has a lesser effect when another naked girl accompanies her - it's more difficult when she is on her own...

    7. Participation of the Members

    Contrary to most other web sites, our members at NiP are not seen as external parties but are integrated, with their ideas and possibilities of participation. The suggestion board must be mentioned here. Members, as well as visitors, can announce their ideas here. Although not all suggestions are realisable, many ideas have already been taken and used for shoots. The board enjoys such an active participation, that the administration of the innumerable ideas alone has become an administrative problem ;-)
    Meanwhile, we also provide possibilities of seeing the girls live. Some members were already present as guests at some of our photography sessions; this can be seen in some photo series. The first session with members present was the kiosk appearance of Petra B. and Petra C. at the carnival. We also had a NiP party (see Specials), with four girls and several members. Further parties are planned.
    Also some NIP members were present at the EuroNudes Workshop with Alzbeta S., which was basically not planned as a major NiP event but happened to be one.
    And last, but not least, there was already a first vacation trip to Croatia with Lenka K., where members were included.

    8. Technical problems during the shoots

    Every now and then you find comments like these on the board:

  • "Did someone tell you that you can use a flash to brighten up faces in back-lit photos?"
  • "Send your photographers back to school, some of the photos are blurry."
  • "The girl is much too small on the pictures."
    Such comments are always quite amusing. Above all they tell one thing: the person commenting can be very professional in handling cameras and may have developed a highly sophisticated knowledge of photography, but he obviously has no idea about NiP. Someone who takes photos in a studio or outdoors in remote areas has sufficient time to adjust everything as perfectly as he wishes. The reality with NiP, however, is completely different.
    As a NiP photographer one must to be "ready to shoot" at any time, and be able to react within fractions of a second. If one misses an opportunity, it is too late. Try to ask a passer-by who was so surprised that he ran against a lantern post, to repeat that because the camera was not yet adjusted. Pre-setting the camera is only possible within limits, since the NiP photographer must constantly change his position. In addition, there is hardly a standstill with NiP, the girl is almost always in motion. Thus working with manual focus is in most cases barely possible, especially with low lighting. Auto-focus, however, is slow and inaccurate in bad lighting conditions. This can result in out-of-focus photos.
    The lighting conditions are not usually alterable. If you want to take beautiful photographs, you will work outdoors with large reflectors and soft-boxes for example, and indoors with flashes. Both are impossible with NiP, since we do not work with posed scenes. We even often do without flash lightning, since flashlights attract attention, and too much attention is not desired in some cases. The sun also behaves uncooperatively sometimes. Let's say we have a street with a nice café where many people are sitting - ideal for a nude walk. Unfortunately, the cafe is in the shade, and the sun smiles directly into the camera of the NiP photographer. The result is inevitably unsuccessful photos. Unfortunately, the sun does not respond to our request to change over to the other side of the sky... or should we instead photograph the other (deserted) side of the street, because that side is in the sun?
    The NiP photographer has no influence on innocent bystanders either, be they guests or others. If people suddenly walk into the line of sight and the girl is barely visibly - bad luck. On the other hand, we cannot instruct the people to walk as close as possible past the girl. If the NiP photographer does not want to be noticed and therefore works with an inconspicuous and small camera (as with "casual cam" scenes), his possibilities are further reduced. In addition, he also has to constantly look out for any spoilsports (usually those in uniform)...
    And the fact that NiP shows many photos where the surrounding area is to be shown, the girl quite small... that is done intentionally.
    If it is necessary for the purpose of the series, we will use pictures that are of a lesser quality, such as blurry or underexposed photo. For example, if a girl runs naked from a discotheque across a dark street at night. We may only have a blurry photo of this, but one can see that the road is busy with automobile and pedestrian traffic. Such a picture remains in the series, of course.
    In conclusion, anyone who has not photographed/videotaped NiP himself yet, should give advice about it cautiously... ;-)

    9. Similarities and differences to the sister sites

    Flash in Public (FIP)
    FIP was launched in October of 1999 as the "little sister of NiP". Both NiP and FIP share the aspect of 'in public', as seen in their names. Briefly said, the core difference lies in the fact that FIP concentrates on the fetish of voyeurism, while NiP stresses that of exhibitionism. In other words, with NiP the girl will be seen by the public; yet with FIP, more often she is not. The attraction herein is more that the voyeur discovers with his own eyes something which escapes the others - he sees something secret, something that is actually not meant for his eyes to see. This concept is, however, not totally strict with FIP, particularly since the introduction of photo series wherein the girl wears transparent clothes, or those with holes in them. Here, naturally, another effect is intended: "Oh, you can actually see through it..."
    As a subsequent effect of focusing upon these fetishes, a further remarkable difference can be found:

  • FIP shows the girls dressed (at least partially). Coat and shoes belong to the standard equipment.
  • NiP however shows all girls completely naked.
    Due to the similarities in the core ideas of NiP and FIP, it was decided that we would use the same girls only in exceptional cases on both web sites. This is where NiP and FIP are clearly distinct - regarding the girls. This separation also turned out to be very helpful practically. Many girls dare to make FIP, yet not NiP. On the other hand, there are some NiP-girls who reject FIP, for the reason that it is far more pleasant to remain naked once you are, than to open the coat over and over again...

    EuroNudes (EN)
    On January 1, 2001, EuroNudes was launched. EN is probably the most "mainstream" oriented web site; it shows erotic nude photos of young pretty girls ranging from art to soft core. At first sight, EN has no direct commonality with the NiP theme, because EN does not show any series in public, focussing rather upon private photographs. However, on close examination at least three common things are noticeable:

  • Anyone who derives pleasure from the NiP girls and wants to see more pictures of them in private, will find them on EN. Many (but not all) of the NiP girls, as well as some of the FIP girls, are on EN.
  • As in NiP, EN also predominantly shows the girls completely naked.
  • NiP's guidelines of authenticity also apply to EN; for example, regarding the authenticity of the name, the age, or other data about the model.
    Despite its mainstream orientation, EN offers some specific unique characteristics:
  • Girls only - there are no boys on EN.
  • The girls of EN are shown almost exclusively completely naked. EN goes almost completely without the tittle-tattle that is usual with other glamour- and erotic-photos such as shirts, cloths, high heels, strings or other accessories. Even the introductory sequences wherein the model undresses are comparatively short.
  • The photos are made in a natural, relaxed, but also intimate atmosphere. The girl is shown in her naturalness; acted or exaggerated mimicry such as is shown in glamour magazines is not on the EN program.
  • The model bios on EN give an overview of various data and facts about the models.
  • The EN models completely expose themselves for the viewer in many regards, and the viewer becomes acquainted with the girl in a number of details - sometimes better than the model's own boyfriend knows her.;-) You will find:
    The natural face of the models - not falsified with exaggerated make-up or styled hair. EN shows the girls just as they appear in reality. The models willingly show everything that the viewer wants to see in bold and audacious poses. "Body Maps": Close-ups of the whole body show every detail of the models: bosom, nipples, face, mouth, tongue, eyes, pubic hair, vagina, buttock, anus, hands, fingers, feet, toes, tattoos, and piercings. The close-ups also offer deep views into popular body openings.

    Nude-in-Russia (NIR)
    NIR was launched on January 1st, 2002. The main subject is naked Russian girls in Russia. Many photographs are in public - just like NiP - but many can be referred to simply as the outdoor type. Only some of the series are in public. This rather roughly-defined primary emphasis leaves room for many variants and experiments. A secondary emphasis with NIR would be winter and snow photographs. Naked in the Russian winter... *shiver*... By focusing on Russian girls there is almost no overlap with NiP girls.

    Well, that's it for the time being. Quite a lot so far…
    Retroactively, NiP was a quite interesting and successful project. And it still is. We will see what other ideas the future will bring.

    Lastly, if anyone of you is an inspired hobby photographer and would go on a vacation with your girlfriend by any chance... who knows?…

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