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Aphroditas Productions features several sites for you to promote! All of our sites are designed to catch the surfers attention, convert niche traffic, and retain paying members like no other sites on the net!

Nude In Public

Nude In Public is the all original, oldest and largest public nudity site around, often copied, but never achieved. And when we say nude in public, we mean full public nudity: No flashing from under a trench, our young and beautiful girls are showing off 100% fully nude, all the time. We show nudity at unusual environments, no strip clubs or nude beaches ever. In addition we never looked for girls that can be tempted by large pay into going nude in public, much to the contrary we always strived to find beautiful, natural girls who were tempted or even more so eager towards our concept of public nudity, with an all natural tendency towards exhibitionism and showing off. We collect biographical information on each girl and there is also a description of what happened at each and every series as well, so you get to know the girls a bit better as well as being able to follow the pictures' story line. We guarantee you no made-up stories ever, no fake or fictitious information on the girls (in some cases some asked us to have their name changed, but that is it). We tell it like it happened and in case there is nothing to tell we will let you know as well. Our large variety of scenarios and locations include sight-seeing, in the crowds, photo stories, at work and many more ... obviously all while our girls are fully nude.

Flash In Public

Flash In Public, like its name implies is all about public flashing, voyeurism, showing off and in some cases even full public nudity. In its base it caters to the subtle erotica of young and beautiful girls giving you erotic views of their bodies in public places. So it is our girls sharing this erotic secret with you through our lenses by opening their coats, pulling up their skirts or anything of the like, that people around do not necessarily know about. However there are many instances where -at first unsuspecting- bystanders did notice and depending on the girls' personality that caused her to either freeze, or to just get really fired up and provocatively showing off to them, which seems to be the case most of the times with our daring girls. At other times we had some really wild girls, who just enjoy to be in the center of attention and public flashing as well as everyone around enjoying the views of their nude bodies just appears to be all they ever wanted.
The main focus of our site is always to have fun and to make sure our girls enjoy public flashing and showing off as well, besides some cases where we were playfully pushing the embarrassment limits of some girls. At times one has to be a bit bas as well, right? However we do care a lot for our girls and are always making sure that they are safe and really having a blast. Another new twist was the introduction of transparent clothes' series, which we do on occasion, being one of our valued members suggestions, where all the girl wears is a 'sweet see-through nothing', sexy underwear, or clothes we cut holes at revealing places in, giving bystanders the light bulb moment of: "Oh, you can actually see through this ...!". As you can see public flashing, like any other fetish or erotic play to us has many facets and we play them all ...

The girls of Euronudes are shown almost exclusively completely naked. Euronudes goes almost completely without the tittle-tattle that is usual with other glamour- and erotic-photos such as shirts, cloths, high heels, strings or other accessories. Even the introductory sequences wherein the girl undresses are comparatively short. The photos are made in a natural, relaxed, but also intimate atmosphere. The girl is shown in her naturalness; acted or exaggerated mimicry such as is shown in glamour magazines is not on the Euronudes program. The girls' bios on Euronudes give an overview of various data and facts about the girls. Our natural, beautiful girls expose themselves completely for the viewer in many regards, and the viewer becomes acquainted with the girl in a number of details - sometimes better than the girls own boyfriend knows her ...;-)
You will find:
The natural face of the girls - not falsified with exaggerated make-up or styled hair. Euronudes shows the girls just as they appear in real life. Anybody who knows the girl personally will immediately recognise her. The girls willingly show everything that the viewer wants to see in bold and audacious poses. The girl is introduced with her real first name, not an alias. Also, age, place of residence and place of birth are indicated.
'Body Maps': Close-ups of the whole body show every detail of the girls: bosom, nipples, face, mouth, tongue, eyes, pubic hair, vagina, buttock, anus, hands, fingers, feet, toes, tattoos, and piercings. The close-ups also offer deep views into popular body openings.
The casting videos of many girls can be seen on Euronudes. Quite a few of the girls got nude in front of a lens for the first time in their lives. These casting videos also include personal questions and informations in an interview style. You can even book some of the Euronudes girls for your own photography session, for those who always wanted to photograph their dream girl ...
Nude In Russia

Nude In Russia's main focus is outdoor nudity and flashing joining the natural beauties of russian landscape as well as the most famous monuments with the beauty of the nude female body. Public nudity is one topic, but so is outdoor nudity, or even more so nude in the snow, showing how chilly on one hand side, but also how beautiful and romantic the snowy russian winters can get.
The fun and natural enthusiasm shown by our girls in all series, even during the coldest temperatures (-26.5°C / -16°F so far was the coldest we did a series at) is something we are very proud to share and also led us to open another new additional section (meaning we did not cut down on any other updates for this) which is studio and in-private series where some girls like to show us a more glamorous side and some others a nastier side of themselves ...
Russian daily life will be shown as well as locations off the beaten tourist track and we also provide background information on significant sights and monuments we had our girls pose in front of. Shivering, but still having fun and enjoying themselves, we have our girls play with and in the snow and at times there are many people around enjoying whatever our girls are willing to play along live.
We also provide bio information on each girl as well as a description of what happened at each specific series, so you can understand better what happened and empathize the live experience.
Bottom line is that we enjoy bringing all of Russia's beauties to you, from landscape, over monuments, the history and surely also as the main focus the russian girls in public nudity, flashing and nude in the snow scenarios ...


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